Make your events, meetings and conventions unconventional with PhotoMingle.

“I’ve never seen anything like it!”
“It took my photo AND I could write on it!”
“I just posted my picture to Facebook – amazing!”
“I can’t believe my eyes – OR my fingers!”

These are just some of the things we hear when PhotoMingle makes an appearance at a tradeshow, corporate meeting or event. And that translates into more attention at your booth, more pizzazz at your show – and more excitement around your brand.

Whether you’re a company throwing a small party, an enterprise hosting a global summit, a hotel/venue or an event management company, PhotoMingle is a must-have for all of your programs. More than a fun, interactive source of entertainment, PhotoMingle is also a highly-customizable tool that can be used to enrich the user experience on almost every level.

The PhotoMingle touchscreen is unlike anything
you – or your guests – have experienced.

PhotoMingle brings the best features of a guest book and photo booth together in one. Your event guests can take their own photos, leave personal messages, email or share their photos instantly via Facebook and Twitter – and print their favorite shots on demand. And they do it all with the amazingly simple power of their fingertips!

With PhotoMingle, you and your guests can easily take and view photos, increase and decrease the image size, and add personalized messages or artwork to pictures. With six points of touch sensitivity, your guests will have fun creating unique messages that will make your event more memorable. And with PhotoMingle, the event can be shared far beyond the actual day and location – through the power of social media!

With our newest Instagram capability, that will launch in Fall 2013, your guests will also be able to capture their own images on their smartphones and share them to the PhotoMingle kiosk. Your event becomes a photo landscape, where every contributes – and everyone shares in the fun!

PhotoMingle’s sleek, sophisticated look will complement any decor – and you can even customize the artwork panels to incorporate colors and graphics that fit with your event’s theme, including your company’s logo.

A whole world of customization.

Because the PhotoMingle software is so extensible, we can easily customize colors, graphics and even animated elements to help tie more closely to your event’s theme. We can also create customized applications and games for specific corporate programs, including picture puzzles, scavenger hunts and more. If you have an idea for an application, we can probably make it a reality!

It’s all about control. For corporate clients, we understand how important it is to manage messages and content. That’s why a fully-trained PhotoMingle operator will be on-site to help manage photos and messages based on your direction. You decide if you want the Facebook functionality or not, and our operator will ensure that the photos on screen meet with your guidelines. With PhotoMingle, you can rest assured that your guests have a great experience, and you never lose control.


Keep the party going with MingleMerchandise™

When your big day is over, you can take your photos to a whole new level! Using the high-quality, high-resolution images, you can choose to purchase a MingleBook™ photo album: an attractive, 7” x 7” table book featuring every photo from your PhotoMingle. You’ll have fun layouts of your guest photos on every page, along with their personalized messages. It’s a unique, one-of-a-kind keepsake – but it’s also available for purchase through our online MingleMerchandise portal. That means your guests can order their own copies!

When you invite PhotoMingle, here’s what you get*:

  • Up to 4 hours of rental time
  • A full-time, dedicated operator to set up, break down, and answer questions
  • 200 high-definition MinglePrints™ printed at your event for your guests (additional MinglePrints can be purchased)
  • Facebook, Twitter and Instagram integration (all require WiFi connection)
  • Photo emailing (requires WiFi connection)
  • A digital copy of your photos after the event
  • Access to our exclusive MingleMerchandise™ portal, where you and your guests
    can order:

    • Large-format prints and digital downloads
    • Additional MingleBooks™
    • MingleMosaic™ posters
    • Mugs, mouse pads, t-shirts… and so much more!

*Package subject to change based on event location

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